the engineer's day on 15 September 2019 // top five invetion of an engineer //

The engineers day
Top 5 invention of first time in India
15 September 2019 on birthday Mokhagundam visvesvaraya

Mokhagundam Visvesvaraya 

Every year India celebrates Engineer's Day on September 15, the birth anniversary of Visvesvaraya. He went on to become India's most prolific civil engineer, dam builder, economist and statesman

 Why India celebrates Engineers Day on Visvesvaraya's -
The.. About Featured Snippets Feedback PEOPLE ALSO ASK Who was the first engineer of India? Why we celebrate Engineer's Day in India? The Engineering Community across India celebrates Engineers Day on 15 September every year as a tribute to the greatest Indian Engineer Bharat Ratna Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. "Role of Engineers in a devolping India" is the theme of Engineers Day 2019. .. His birthday, 15 September is celebrated as the Engineers day Sep 15

Top 5 invention of first time in india

1- on april 16 1863 the fourteen carriege  train hauled by three engines named sahib, sindh, and  sultan started from  now chhatrapati sivaji  terminal with 400 passenger in the  railway   ministry wrote on twwiter.
The first train ru for bombay to thane (34 km)

2- The first hydroelectric installation India was installed near a tea estate at Sidrapong for the Darjeeling Municipality in 1897. The first electric street light in Asia was lit on 5 August 1905 in Bangalore

3- JCB was founded in 1945 by Joseph Cyril Bamford, after whom it is named. The company JCB has eight plants in Staffordshire, two in Wrexham, one in Derbyshire, a factory in Savannah, Georgia, one in Brazil, three in India and one in China.

4- India's first indigenous car was the Tata Indica, that was built from scratch in India. It was launched surrounding huge fanfare at the 1998 Geneva a Motor Show and made it to the Indian Auto Expo later in the same year.

5- india's first bulb On August 5, 1905, the first lights came on around KR Market. Before the arrival of electricity, kerosene lamps dotted Bengaluru's roads.